About Us


We live in the "LŘneburger Heide", 40 km north of Hanover. Our place is called Winsen / Aller has to offer and find the legendary museum courtyard still a lot of other interesting things.

We, that Thomas, Heide, Mirco and Diana RŘpke. Since the earliest time among animals of all kinds to our lives and now our family. Then are the children in all activities there and have fun when we go to an exhibition.

The Rhodesian Ridgeback was 8 years ago for the first time in our lives. Curious and addicted to information we got smart about the race and left us very quickly decided a Rhodesian Ridgeback in our family record. It was then already widely reported on this race, which made ​​us only more curious than we wanted to take it apart. So we looked around for a suitable breeder, and the trust we have visited this soon. The puppies were 6 weeks old at the time and so we choose the best conditions for us a pretty girl. Let's put it this way, they sought us out ....;-)

After another 3 weeks, then pulled a Nasibu Elisha and brought zest to our family. Our Shepherd "Arak", at the time an impressive 14 1 / 2 years, was re really young we were recorded daily from Elisha. He brought up another year before he had to go over the rainbow bridge.

Meanwhile, Elisha is already 6 1 / 2 years and it is what we imagined a Rhodesian Ridgeback forever. Friendly, safe around children and other dogs, but very confident and vigilant. Even save lives if it was already. Their nature and their nature they inherited from their offspring and that makes us very happy.

We look forward to many happy years with her ​​and are very grateful that it has helped us build our hobby-breed.


Stem-Bitch "Nasibu Elisha"

(Akumba of Sambesi Waters x Nasibu Cimba)

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