We carry the VDH / FCI a "Hobby-Rhodesian Ridgeback-Breeding"

For the past 8 years we are in possession of this great race and want to communicate with our home, the impressions of what it means "to breed". Because this is interpreted by many in many different ways and presented. We have our own idea and that should also have each separately and are consistently behind it.

Therefore, our breeding aim to breed a family dog who has not lost its roots in both the interior and the exterior. Ridge fault are not relevant for us. The Rhodesian Ridgeback is a powerful dog that is not in inexperienced hands, good hands. This is certainly not that hardly anyone in a RR is able to do justice, or before should set a different race, but who has no heart for animals, or feel disturbed when the dog sometimes "walk the dog" must be able to Unfortunately, we trust no RR. But anyone who has a heart for animals, is thinking also has good, what comes to him to be is conscious that the leisure facilities can be reduced considerably, which is also suitable as a future owner of the RR's.

Our puppies are lovingly reared in the house and garden (with a 24-round support). If our "small" 4 weeks old, they can explore the garden and receive visits from their future puppy parents


In this way we wish all future RR owners a lot of fun with their new family member.


Puppy Purchase

A significant other for about 12-14 years or more should be chosen with intelligence and love. Savings "worth rare here. Those who think so, the puppy-buying, as in " having to do buying a car, "a comparison or bargain tried is for us not the man to whom we wish to entrust one of our puppies. Remember also that the cheapest is not always the best.

The breeding takes time and love that we must invest in order to form the unique character of the Rhodesian Ridgeback.

It starts with the special pull of the dog food during gestation and the pups until they, with 9 weeks in their new home

Regular deworming, vaccinations, veterinary studies, clean documents, the pedigree, the club and even this website and much more which has fitted a good breeder Ridgi his children save, cheap breeders mostly.

We live with our animals as a reputable breeder, not from you

Our profit is zero. This is not too bad, since in our case, a hobby is breeding and Hobbies times now cost money.

We breed these beautiful race for fun and love to her and also bring some people with one of our Ridgi's a bit of luck. not to make money! You now know the reason for the pricing differences with the puppy-buying. If you have been the work of a reputable breeder nothing of value and support because of an apparent savings or the cheaper mass-rearing

... then please do not call in to us if there are problems with an animal from the other "breed" is. (What unfortunately happens more often).

  Some help can be found on our website so




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